40 Things You Can do with an iPad Air

I waited over three years to purchase my first iPad, which was the new iPad Air. During all that time I simply could not justify buying one, thinking that there was no reason to get a tablet. I honestly thought it was useless. I also thought that Steve Jobs had convinced us that we needed something we did not really need at all. I had my phone and my MacBook Pro so why would I need something in between them in size?

Well, on Friday, November 1st I had the sudden urge to get an iPad Air at the nearby Apple Store just to see what all the fuss was about.  I thought I could just return it if I didn’t like it. As soon as I purchased my iPad I of course began searching for apps to install on my new “toy”. After two weeks I have amassed over 130 apps and have discovered many more uses for this gadget than I had previously read about all over the web.

So without further ado here is a list of useful things you can do with an iPad, including some recommended apps for each activity. I assume that most if not all of these activities are possible on any iPad, but I do not own any of the previous models so I cannot be absolutely certain.

1. Read eBooks and magazines – iBooks, Kindle, Newsstand

2. Read the news – Flipboard, News360, Feedly RSS reader

3. Listen to audio books – Audible

4. Listen to music and podcasts – iTunes

5. Browse the web – Safari

6. Play games – Infinity Blade III

7. Journalling – Day One Journal

8. Get directions – Maps

9. Create artwork – Paper, ArtRage, ProCreate

10. Manage contacts, appointments and reminders

11. Create and edit documents – Pages, Numbers

12. Create presentations – Keynote

13. Create and manage notes – Evernote

14. Create and learn music – GarageBand, Djay 2

15. Capture and edit photos – PS Express, PS Touch, Snapseed

16. Record and edit videos – iMovie

17. Manage music, movies, TV shows, and documents – iTunes, iCloud

18. Play iTunes store purchases from iCloud on your iPad or AppleTV

19. Control your iTunes music Library on a Mac and send it’s content to your Apple TV using AirPlay

20. Stream content from various apps to your Apple TV using AirPlay – Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube

21. Manage Flickr and various other accounts – FlickStackr

22. Manage blog posts – WordPress

23. Create and manage databases and sync them to your computer – HanDBase

24. Track packages – Deliveries

25. Check detailed weather conditions and forecasts – Clear Day, Living Earth

26. Social networking – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn

27. A teaching aid for storing textbooks and other course materials – iBooks, Kindle

28. Aid autistic children in communication, focus and learning

29. Make FaceTime and Skype calls

30. A secondary display for your Mac

31. A reference source – atlas, dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, maps, TV Guide, etc

32. Learn a new language

33. Assist healthcare professionals and patients with tracking medical records, appointments, x-rays, and lab results

34. Allow NFL teams to use it for their play-books

35. Watch training videos to learn Mac apps and follow along in the apps on the Mac – iTunes, Podcasts

36. Follow instructions in eBooks to learn Mac apps and follow along in the apps on the Mac

37. Use the Siri intelligent assistant – it is getting more and more powerful all the time

38. E-commerce – shop the App Store, Amazon, the Apple Store, eBay, etc.

39. Hook it up to a wifi hotspot on your phone (no you do not need the cellular version or the expensive data plan that comes with it)

40. TV Guide


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